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We honor our client's wishes.

You wish your website to be...

for yourself:

  • low-cost
    • we do it with open source software
    • we do it with appropriate tools: if all that's needed is PHP, we don't use heavyweight Java: it saves lots of development time
  • easy to maintain
    • we program in small, reuseable chunks of code (modules)
    • we use HTML templates, so text corrections never have to be done in more than one place and non-programmers can easily change content, look and feel of the site

for your customers:

  • easy to find
    • we add keywords to your pages, so search engines can index them correctly
    • we provide tools for submitting your site to search engines
  • easy to navigate
    • we furnish your site with a site map, index and search engine
  • easy to read
    • we use clear well-spaced type, margins, and layouts with room to breathe
    • we follow the most widely accepted standards in our web development, so our pages look good in every browser and don't require any additional software to view them
    • we provide tools to create and maintain a glossary that would explain any difficult terms used on your site
  • informative and updated often
    • we give you tools to upload new articles easily and add new links, so there's always fresh stuff for your visitors to read
    • we provide tools that help you annotate your site with links to online books, FAQs, articles and knowledge bases that immeasurably enrich your content
    • we provide a message board, so your readers can add to your site's content
  • pleasing to the eye
    • we keep animation and graphics to a minimum, so nothing annoys your guests
    • we use stylesheets for a unified look like that of a well-designed catalog or magazine
  • secure
    • we add security functions to your site: user authentication, session management, email encryption
    • we use secure open source software